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website design, graphic design in Morristown, NJ
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Our Mission

Target Online Inc.
founded in 1995, (during the days of the “BBS’s” which was pre-world wide web), is by the definition, a full service internet company. We provide everything that you need to conduct successful online business.

We have also experienced all aspects of the development of this new venue since the beginning. We have lived through the "hypes" – the "takeovers", the advertising models and vogues .. and the ever changing search engine/directory challenges to the top. We see the potentials – and we understand the pit falls.

Our eclectic staff allows us to view projects from both “sides of the street” – from your business owner’s point of view - and then that of your customer. This insight assures appropriate design, smooth functionality and effective exposure.

We specialize in  Small to Medium size business and online community centers. Target truly understands both your economic concerns and your potential expansion possibilities. We therefore design all of our projects with these 2 elements in the forefront of our logic.

Consistently ahead of the curve, Target will help replace the stress of your online challenge with relaxed customer satisfaction.
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45 Park Place South, PMB 101, Morristown, NJ 07960
Tel 973-359-9968  .  Fax 973-539=9552
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