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Our Team

Shelley Brooke, President of Target Online Inc.
.. the creator of the Xtreme Central Portal, and the imaginative genius behind the H.S. Teen Teams project.
In 1995, totally immersed in the world of family, teenagers and high school activities, she entered the world of Extreme Sports and co-founded Hot Rails Inc., currently one of the top 6 skate park builders in the country. Recognizing that the Internet would quickly become the next media vogue - especially for her targeted, computer savvy, teenage traffic, she transferred all of the Hot Rails advertising and sales efforts online.
Shelleybrooke now holds numerous certifications and extensive knowledge of industry specialties including online advertising/marketing trends and techniques, advanced search engine facilitations, technical programming languages and of course, an unparalleled understanding of her elusive teenage market.

William Baxter - C.T.O. H.S. Teen Teams
Mr. Baxter has been a Technology Consultant for 25 years, specializing in advanced electronic repairs, the design and maintenance of computer hardware and software . A Michigan State certified Instructor in both Electronics and Robotics, Mr. Baxter was President of a private company contracted to maintain CNC equipment, Arcade Games, School Score Boards and several specialized projects. One of these assignments, for Crimtec Inc., was the development of a multi-processor system to control the dedicated tasks of surveillance equipment in Police cars; the first system of it's kind.
Other software achievements range from basic accounting packages to data acquisition systems interfaced to dynamometers and telephone systems. With additional multi-year experience in network setup and maintenance, IT Management, design and support of database driven systems including online Internet packages, Mr. Baxter is the backbone of our TeenTeams infrastructure.

Garrett F. Szibdat
Advisor, Generation "Y" Trends and Analysis

Garrett, on board since the early Hot Rails days, currently attends the Wayne Calloway School of Business and Accountancy at Wake Forest University with a designated major in Marketing. His acute insight into the likes and dislikes of his own generation, provides unparalleled advantages to our efforts. We have been sincerely impressed with Garrett's mature involvement with his peers and their reciprocal respect for his decisions and leadership qualities.

William J. Kennedy - Financial Consultant
Mr. Kennedy attended the University of Massachusetts at Amherst receiving two degrees: Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Bachelor of Arts in Economics.
From there, he was employed by General Electric Capital Corporation in Stamford, Connecticut. At GECC, he held various positions in financial management while participating in General Electric Companys Financial Management Program, an intensive three year training program for GEs financial managers. Upon graduation from the program, Mr. Kennedy had an assignment in the Fixed Income Department at GE Pension Trust followed by an assignment involving extensive travel as an auditor in GECCs Commercial Financial Services Department.
During the years 1985 to 1996, Mr. Kennedy was Vice President and portfolio manager in the Municipal Bond Department at Loews Corporation in New York City. With three others, he had responsibility for all aspects of managing the multi-billion dollar municipal bond portfolio of a Loews subsidiary, the CNA Insurance Companies, based in Chicago.
From February 1996 to present, Mr. Kennedy has provided capital consulting services to a variety of small companies. Primarily, this has involved reviewing and editing business plans, making recommendations to senior management on financing future growth and the introduction of appropriate capital sources capable of providing synergistic and mutually beneficial relationships.

Eugene Lopata - Corportate Structure/Business Developement
A Graduate of Rutgers' School of Management and Newark's College of Electrical Engineering, Mr. Lopata is the retired President of Ragen Corp., a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq. Ragen Corp. had four divisions and yearly sales of $32 million with approximately 500 employees. Mr. Lopata was Chief Financial Officer for ten years prior to becoming president. He continues to consult for small specialty service and manufacturing companies. He remains on the board of directors for a company he founded and eventually sold to the principal scientist. This privately held company-Temtec, Inc. specializes in visitor and security controls.

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